Colin a former addict and alcoholic is now the outreach cordinator for Acts 3:19.  He has earned an associates degree in ministry and helps lead the team with street ministry and training to take the Gospel forward.


Pastor Craig Shambaugh brings spiritual insight and biblical direction to Acts319project.  He works directly with the community through various outlets and extends a helping hand to people of all walks of life.  Pastor Craig is always available and invites people to reach out to him at anytime.


Anita leads the womens discipleship program and plays a key role in crusade preparation.  Previously a drug user and frequent party she now gives her all to see the kingdom of God advanced.  Anita enjoys praying for the sick and suffering

believing that the name of Jesus has the power to heal.

Anita organizes teams of hungry christians to help train and then take to the streets to minister and share Jesus with others.  You might find her hanging on the side of a mack truck telling someone about Jesus.