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Acts319project is involved in internationaly mission work.  After a recent mission trip to Nicaragua we were moved to sponsor a church build in Lamlaya Nicaragua.  This is located in the coastal region of Puerto Cabezas.   The congregation currently has a makeshift wood barn type structure as there everyday church.    We are helping them consturct a brand new block building.   This will be a light in a poor neighborhood where many children  can  come and hear and learn about the Word of God.

IMG_0469 (1).jpg

This is the foundation the church had laid but could not continue the project

The new church is expected to be completed in April of 2022.  Acts319project is looking forward to another trip to Nicaragua in the near future to preach and teach in the new facilty.  Words cannot describe the joy of the congregation when they received the news about the new church.  It really is better to give than to receive.  Acts 20:35

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